At the end of December, Apple, Amazon and Google joined together to create a unique connectivity standard for Smart 千亿游戏官方网 that will be ready  between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Other Zigbee Alliance companies such as Ikea, Samsung SmartThings, Legrand/BTicino and Somfy, joined the agreement called Project Connected 千亿游戏官方网 over IP.

A new and royalty-free connectivity standard system based on the Internet protocol represents a fundamental step for the Smart 千亿游戏官方网 world. In fact, having a common standard means, on the one hand, eliminating the fragmentation that has so far characterized the sector and slowed down its spread and, on the other hand, increasing the practicality and security of connected objects.

This kind of system simplifies the management of the Smart 千亿游戏官方网 for both producers and consumers: the former will be able to make products compatible with the three most popular assistants, the latter will be confident that they can purchase and use all the smart products and control them with the devices they prefer. In addition, the alliance will also enhance the Smart 千亿游戏官方网 security by making it easier to avoid intrusion into systems.

In conclusion, the Project Connected 千亿游戏官方网 over IP Alliance will support the Smart 千亿游戏官方网 sector, which is expected to grow by 14.4 percent per year to 1.4 billion units in 2023.